Online Appointment Scheduling

Written by Sarah Provost
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Online appointment scheduling is a service whose time has come. When your customers can do everything online from renewing a library book to buying plane tickets to checking their bank account balance, why shouldn't you be offering them the same service and convenience? With online appointment scheduling, your customers and clients can easily make their own appointments from home.

It's a win-win procedure. Not only can your clients make appointments at their own convenience, but it also saves you countless hours on the phone. When appointments are made, canceled or rescheduled, the program alerts you instantly via e-mail. Furthermore, you can easily access your appointment schedule from anywhere with a laptop, Palm or Blackberry, and even some watches.

Online Appointment Scheduling Also Provides Other Services

Unlike a paper appointment book, online appointment scheduling software keeps all your information in a databank that you can access for reports, accounting and promotions. Most online scheduling software offers the option of setting up automated reminder calls, from a script that you supply. This virtually eliminates no-shows and missed appointments.

Any business that takes client appointments--a salon, a clinic, a service provider--can benefit from automated appointment scheduling. There are many varieties of this software available, and most allow you to download a free demo. Spend an hour or two on research now, and you can save yourself countless hours later.

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