Online Massage Scheduling

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Online massage scheduling is an innovation that can help busy massage therapists increase their client volume. If you're currently relying on a PDA, appointment book or a portable scheduler (such as a Day Timer), you could really be missing out on some great features at less cost than you might think.

Online Massage Scheduling Works for You

You'd be amazed at what you can accomplish with online massage scheduling. If you're a massage therapist in a private practice, chances are you can't afford to hire a person to answer your phone, do your marketing and set appointments for you. Your significant other does not count as an employee! At least I hope not.

But ... online massage scheduling can help you do all of those tasks and more. You might have looked at computerized scheduling software and thought you couldn't afford it. Or perhaps you just didn't want to have to learn one more thing, when all you want to do is spend your time helping your clients.

With online massage scheduling, your clients can set appointments with you while you sleep, or play or go on vacation. Since the software is online, clients can access it at any time. And you never have to worry about buying servers or software updates, like you do with programs or systems you keep at home.

You can link the online massage scheduling system to your existing website or have the software company create and host a website for your business, if you been dragging your heels about putting your business online. Most companies that do this charge a small monthly amount, normally around what you might pay for internet dial-up access, less if you pay for a year or more at once. If you're worried about enforcing a cancellation policy with an online scheduling system, you needn't be. With today's credit card options such as instant payment, you can enforce a cancellation policy and weed out flakes.

Online options make your life much easier. Automated reminders and rescheduling options can free up your time to take in more clients, increasing your business's income while assisting your clients to take better care of themselves. And, after all, that's what you got into business to do, right?

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