Patient Scheduling

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Patient scheduling is a headache for almost every health care practice, hospital or clinic. Serving patients' needs is the basis for medicine, but sometimes the demands of insurers, practitioners and the patients themselves can make it so hard. Every day it sometimes seems there's a new problem.

Patient Scheduling Can Be Simple

With a busy office, even the best managers are hard pressed to see that patient scheduling is handled effectively. There are so many matters to attend to. The phone interruptions and reschedules can keep you spinning. Tracking insurance information and billing is a real bear, too. The top priority is patient care, but how can you keep the doors open without cash flow?

Good patient scheduling software can allow you to set up new files quickly as well as find records in a snap. With online-based scheduling services, patients can even schedule or reschedule appointments, if you want them to. Many patients even prefer it that way.

Studies show that over 85 percent of people who use the Internet would use appointment setting features if they were made available. When it comes to patient scheduling, many people would rather not make sensitive personal arrangements over the phone while at the office. Online patient scheduling gives them the option to do it privately. Plus, insurance payment tracking features make any office manager's life easier by streamlining the process of keeping the office solvent and that can be a big relief.

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