Personal Training Software

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Personal training software is a boon to the fitness professional. If you're like most trainers, you probably became a professional in this field at least partly because you like the flexibility of setting your own schedule. You may have made the decision to use a computerized system or you might still be setting your appointments manually. How are you tracking your clients' progress and training programs?

Personal Training Software Is the Better Way

If you're on the go, seeing clients at different locations, you might want to have a look at some of the innovative personal training software that's been developed recently. A lot of us are using PDAs these days and there are several programs that allow you to combine appointment scheduling with client profiles and other useful data. These programs usually sync with your home computer, so you have a back-up, as well give you the option to print out information for your clients regarding their workouts, diets and other recommendations.

But what about those days when you left your PDA at home, or forgot to recharge it? If you only have a small group of clients, you might remember their information. But we all want to plan for success. So it's better to have a personal training software system that can handle a lot of clients at one time, as well as give you options to retrieve your information remotely.

The latest entries to the field of personal training software are web-based systems. You can still download all the data you've created for each client into your PDA, or create printouts, but now you have remote access, too. Most of these systems are quite affordable. Frequently, the cost is similar to the cost of dial-up Internet access. But it acts like a network. So if you're at the gym and your handheld goes on the fritz, you can hop over to any available computer terminal in the office, log on and pull up your data. You can even give clients the option to schedule appointments with you over the Internet on their own time. The system will automatically notify you, by e-mail, and send the client a reminder before his or her next workout. How's that for flexibility?

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