Police Scheduling Software

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Police scheduling software can help resolve a lot of issues that crop up in police departments these days. With a personnel mix that often includes both civilian and law enforcement members, scheduling can be a real problem. Leave time, vacation and differing schedule rotations can make the process more complex than in other work environments.

Police Scheduling Software Is Easy to Use

At one time many police departments used scheduling software that was adapted from programs intended for other businesses. The systems were often difficult to use. Now dedicated police scheduling software is available, with features that are especially useful for police departments.

Most police scheduling software features intuitive interfaces and pull-down menus that are easy to use. Pre-selected viewing options make identifying scheduling problems quick and clear. You can even have the software system schedule personnel for you, according to categories that you determine. This makes it possible to schedule some groups of staff members while leaving other groups to human discretion.

Police scheduling software reports can also help keep department supervisors in touch with what's happening. You have a choice of printed or paperless operations with hierarchical security procedures to protect your information. Managing leave time and payroll are other areas where police scheduling software can be helpful. The system can administer leave according to multiple categories at once, since many different rules may apply to personnel within the same organization.

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