Salon Scheduling Software

Written by Sarah Provost
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Salon scheduling software, designed specifically for hair, nail, and tanning salons, can whittle a day's worth of frustrating, time-consuming appointment management down to a few minutes. As the name implies, it will match client, staff, and resources instantly to set up appointments. But that's only the beginning of what it can do.

Suppose you are managing a franchise tanning salon. Salon scheduling software can not only handle your own appointments, but can generate and monitor gift cards and packages. With Internet based software, if one of your clients wants to visit another salon in your network, you can not only make the appointment for her but also monitor how many visits should be charged to her package.

Even the simplest salon scheduling software will also track clients for their likes and dislikes, formulas, what products they have bought in the past, etc. It can also track your resources and inventory, and in many cases, generate purchase orders. Even if you have a one-person operation, this software can free you from a lot of paperwork.

Clients Can Schedule Themselves with Salon Scheduling Software

If you choose an Internet-based application, your clients log on to your site and choose their own best time for an appointment. You can make your customers happy on both ends: not only do they have the convenience of scheduling themselves online, but when they are in your salon, your attention to them will not be diverted by answering phones and having to flip through pages. It will make you happy, too, by nearly eliminating your paperwork, so you can give all your energy and time to servicing your clientele.

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