Salon Scheduling Systems

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Salon scheduling systems have become an absolute necessity for today's personal care business. Once upon a time, everyone used an appointment book. Some salons still do. But once a business has made the transition to computerized salon scheduling systems, there's no reason to look back.

Salon Scheduling Systems Can Be SimpleIf you're reviewing different computerized salon scheduling systems and are not sure how they can work for you, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. There are generalized scheduling programs that may be serviceable, but they won't have a lot of the specific notes and options that relate to your business. You'll have to take the time to add notes and do follow-up by hand.

There are also many programs that are specifically tailored to salon businesses, which will be more practical for daily use at your business location. Some will even sync with your PDA using Outlook. These are stand-alone salon scheduling systems that you load into your computer, using the company's software discs. You might still have to do your follow-up by hand, though.

One of the niftiest innovations to come along in the area of salon scheduling systems, however, is web-based scheduling software. Web-based systems give businesses all the benefits of stand-alone systems but they add the power of a network. You can remotely access information from the system from any location. Since the software is maintained by the web scheduling company, it eliminates the need for a business to buy a network server or even to load software onto their computers. You can add a link to your website that allows clients to schedule their own appointments. The software can even send reminders, confirmations and staff schedule notifications by e-mail. Once you've moved into this simpler, more profitable future, you're not likely to look back.

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