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My father is a dentist and he recently installed scheduling software into the new computer that I bought him for Christmas. His previous computer was about ten years old, which means I probably could have bought him a computer that was five years old and he would have been very impressed. The software is working out so well that the girls in the front office have to much time to chat about who's dating who.

At first my dad was reluctant to update the computer in the office, but I started to explain to him that electronic billing is the way of the future and that it's happening right now. At first he wasn't interested, but I quickly broke down some figures for him and he realized that there's no reason to delay in getting started. Ultimately I told him how fast everyone's getting paid with electronic billing, and that there is less paperwork, and with that he was sold.

Electronic Billing Software Often Comes with Scheduling Software

There isn't any secret about the advantages of electronic billing, and that most medical billing software also does come with an appointment software of some kind. There were too many juicy ideas flashing before his eyes at once when he said that he was going to go out tomorrow and get the new computer. I prepped his office assistant about the idea of taking a medical billing course, and luckily she had already started one.

My dad's assistant immediately took hold of that computer and learned all the new software in about a week. This is a very bright woman, but I don't think the software is difficult to use, it's actually very easy to get started. Appointment software is so easy that it's impossible to pass up. There is even free scheduling software available on the Web which may also be of interest to you.

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