Scheduling Systems

Written by Sarah Provost
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Facility scheduling systems can make a time-consuming and frustrating job a whole lot easier. I've been involved in scheduling rooms and activities for a senior recreation center. One group comes in every other Thursday at 2:00 in room 4, unless there's a club meeting, in which case they meet at 10:00 in room 3, which means that the group that usually meets in room 3 at that time has to go to room 7, unless it's the third Thursday, when the Mayor's council has room 7 all day. It wasn't pretty, nor was it often accurate. And that was only Thursdays, and we only had ten rooms.

If you're scheduling for a 500-room medical facility, for instance, or a school or a recording studio or a large corporation, software scheduling systems can take that chaos off your hands. The software provides you with a simple, clear, visual format that is capable of both automatic scheduling and user-initiated variations. Using software scheduling systems virtually guarantees no more double-booking or underutilized resources.

Of course, facilities management includes more layers than just room use. Cleaning and maintenance also have to be scheduled. Furniture, equipment, tools, and the like have to be deployed. Scheduling software can be certain that all layers of facilities management are equally accounted for.

Find Software Scheduling Systems Online

There are many resources to be found online for the facilities manager. Professional organizations, specialized e-zines, and white papers can help you find the system that is right for you. Take a few minutes to see what scheduling software can do for you.

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