Shift Work

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Shift work can create a number of business challenges. If your company is considering moving towards a 24/7 business model, you might be feeling overwhelmed by these challenges, particularly in regards to employee scheduling. If you've been on a 24/7 model for some time, you're probably looking for ways to make your shift work operations simpler.

Shift Work Doesn't Have to Be a Management Challenge

With a lot of companies having to maximize their plant, equipment and employees, many companies are increasingly turning to shift work to solve productivity challenges. Particularly if you've chosen not to outsource, you'll want to make the most of your valuable manufacturing real estate. 24/7 shift work can keep your business humming profitably.

Of course, with increased shift work hours, you get increased wear and tear--and not just with your equipment. People, too, need to be well managed in a 24/7 production cycle. Top-quality scheduling software can make the difference in shift work. You can anticipate problems, solve scheduling issues, quickly change or switch shifts or staffing, even track vacation and leave requests. If you run a union shop, the software can even keep your scheduling within union regulations, minimizing liability and penalties.

You can also program maintenance reminders in the system, so key individuals will be able to keep your workplace safe and your equipment protected. You can print out shift work for individuals and, with remote access, even allow employees to see their schedules before they have to report for work. You may also use computer terminals to allow employees to sign in from their work areas or clock in from remote locations, if your business requires that they travel. All of these options can make work more productive for you and your employees.

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