Staff Scheduling

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Staff Scheduling is usually a chore. There's no question about that. Even if everyone in your office gets along, let's face it--sometimes they all want to go on vacation at the same time. Then there's all the other little things that come up at the last minute, like illnesses or shift changes. You want a staff scheduling system that's easy to use, but also capable of adapting to your needs.

Staff Scheduling Programs Can Do a Lot

As a company grows, there's an ever increasing level of complexity to every aspect of operations. But when that level of complexity applies to people, solutions can be much harder to find. A good staff scheduling program can show you potential problems as well as point the way to solutions.

With highlighting features, you can review current or future shifts. You can pull up reports by title, department, length of employment and any other criteria you choose. You can track vacation requests, manage production and anticipate who can be designated to cover shifts while still meeting your goals.

You can also network your staff scheduling system so each of your employees can sign in and out at their desk. This can streamline your payroll and timekeeping procedures, making big and small companies run more efficiently. With online staff scheduling systems, you can even have employees communicate and check in remotely, while they're on the road.

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