Staff Scheduling Software

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Staff scheduling software can take care of a lot of headaches. Whether you're managing a small office or are a human resources director for a large corporation, a good program can cover a lot of contingencies. Staff scheduling software can also be expanded to include tangible resources as well, to create a complete system to meet all your needs.

Staff Scheduling Software Is Multi-Faceted

Personnel scheduling doesn't take place in a vacuum. In most companies, there's a lot going on. If one person is due for a vacation or has to go out on leave, you need to figure out what kind of gap his or her absence will leave and how best to cover it. How quickly can you adjust? Well-designed staff scheduling software can tell you a lot.

With a small company, you might be able to wing it, based on the knowledge you have of the individuals available, but even for small companies, why struggle to compile the data when you don't have to? Others will have to pick up the slack and processes and deadlines may have to be shifted. Doing all this off the top of your head can be a real time drain. Staff scheduling software that's tailored to your company's needs can anticipate a lot of what you'll need to know. The software can provide you with useful information, whether your shortage is anticipated or an emergency situation. You can track all employee schedules, vacation times, work hours and payroll information. Most staff scheduling software allows you to color-code employee information as well, so you can see, for instance, if you're going to be short on managers during a critical period and make adjustments.

With payroll information linked into your employee scheduling software, you can generate checks automatically. With web-linked services, your staff can check their schedules remotely, with designated levels of permission that you choose. You can also link equipment tracking into your system. If your sales staff takes material out on demos or you use a lot of AV equipment, you can track these items, their locations and their users. This makes a lot of information available from your employee scheduling software at the mere touch of a button. These and many other additional features make preparing for those long meetings a lot easier.

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