Staff Scheduling Software

Written by Sarah Provost
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No matter how complex your staffing needs might be, staff scheduling software can help you do it all. This software is flexible and easily customized to fit your requirements, and can do everything from simple shift management to multi-location, multi-skill analyses. Some versions will do your payroll for you too.

Staff scheduling software lets you make changes, revisions, and substitutions quickly and easily. It can then publish or e-mail reports or copies of the schedule, calculate man-hours, and estimate labor costs. It can schedule by skill, by location, by department, or by external variables such as patient needs or seasonal swings. It automatically keeps track of each employee's hours worked, and can then either interface with your financial software or generate payrolls within the application.

Many Businesses Can Benefit from Staff Scheduling Software

If your business is past the stage of "Hey Joe, you want to work Saturday?" you can derive real benefits from using staff scheduling software. For small businesses, the automation means more of your time can be spent as billable hours. Large businesses probably have very complex staffing needs, and scheduling software can make it more manageable.

There are many versions of staff scheduling software available, for businesses large and small. Most of them offer free demos that you can download from their websites. Try out several of them to find the one that's the best fit for your requirements.

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