Tanning Salon Software

Written by Sarah Provost
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You may think of tanning salon software as simply a convenient way to schedule appointments, but it offers much, much more than that. Scheduling, of course, for both clients and staff, is much more easily done with an automated system. However, tanning salon software can also help you manage your money, inventory, and memberships in one convenient package.

Some tanning salon software is Internet based. That means that clients can schedule their own appointments online, you can communicate with other salons in the franchise in real time, product inventory and reordering can be automated, and you can access your information from any computer or location. You can also track lamp hours or total equipment usage, keep records of what clients have purchased what products, and calculate your employee payroll.

Use Tanning Salon Software to Improve Your Marketing

Some salon software systems have an e-mail function that can revolutionize your marketing strategy. No more searching through card files or pasting labels on postcards. Now you can search, for example, for clients who have not visited the salon in the last two months, or those who purchased a particular product, or those whose packages are about to expire, and send them all an e-mail, instantaneously.

If your salon is one of several in a franchise or partnership, you can use this software to keep track of clients who visit more than one location. Maintenance records, bed management, and compliance with tanning regulations can all be made much simpler. Finally, most salon software is designed to be easy to use, with intuitive layout and procedures, so you can be up and running in no time.

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