Visual Staff Scheduler Pro

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Visual Staff Scheduler Pro is a human resource software solution. Currently in its 4th version, this program offers dozens of features that make staff scheduling simpler. Visual Staff Scheduler Pro can also be paired with other software products such as Staff Files 2.0, to make storing and retrieving of employee information fast and easy.

Visual Staff Scheduler Pro 4.0 for Scheduling Solutions

Lauded by industry publications such as PC Computing and Windows Magazine for simplicity and ease of use, Visual Staff Scheduler Pro is a leading choice for keeping your business running smoothly. The latest version of the software boasts 17 new features and can be custom-fitted to most business needs. Additional features can also help you estimate labor costs and save time.

Networked versions of the Visual Staff Scheduler Pro system can allow employees to participate in the scheduling system, as well as simplifying payroll procedures. Visual Staff Scheduler Pro gives you tools for team building as well as allowing you to adjust individual schedules as necessary. You can view and print up to six weeks of scheduling information in both group and individual formats.

Tracking vacation requests, planned leave and project information is simple in Visual Staff Scheduler Pro. You can also rearrange schedules quickly and easily in case of unexpected illness or increase in demand. You can pull up staffing information by title, department, shift or any other criteria you require.

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