Visual Staff Schedulers

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Why consider implementing visual staff schedulers in your business? The world has changed. Deadlines seem to come more frequently as the pace of the working world keeps speeding up. Competition cuts staffing to the bone and managers are often overworked. Employment-related legal issues crop up with alarming frequency. Entrepreneurs have their hands full juggling the demands of their enterprises. Even in a small office, the days of a handshake and a verbal employment commitment are long over.

No one seems to have the time they need to meet all the demands of the day. The number of records that must be kept rises constantly, along with the number of years you must keep them, even after an employee has left the company. Sweeping changes in careers and manufacturing processes demand frequent adjustments. Staff needs can shift in a moment. Visual staff schedulers can give businesses more of the time they need. With all the features currently available in visual staff schedulers and a choice of stand-alone or online software, managers, HR professionals and small businesses can breathe a sigh of relief.

Visual Staff Schedulers Streamline the World of Work

No matter what business we're talking about, there will always be staffing needs that have to be accommodated. Large companies can really streamline productivity and lower stress on managers and staff with well-thought out staff schedulers. If your old program was limited in the tasks it could perform or was adapted from a program like Microsoft Excel, which is not specifically designed for staffing needs, you'll be delighted by how much you can do and how easy it can be. If you're still relying on scheduling books and colored pens, you'll be absolutely amazed.

Most staff schedulers have an intuitively designed user interface, so even computer newcomers will feel comfortable using it. Most companies that make visual staff schedulers offer a training liaison for both newbies and power users who want to learn every trick. Licensing for multiple users can be purchased at very reasonable rates, making it possible to link staff directly into the scheduling system.

Visual staff schedulers can also be linked to users appointment scheduling systems, to help your people keep track of everything they have to do in a day. Direct access can also streamline payroll and timekeeping systems. Employees can log in, make vacation requests and automatically request supplies or assistance right from their desks.

Visual Staff Schedulers Benefit All Businesses

From manufacturing to services, even citywide institutions like police and fire departments, visual staff schedulers keep lines of communication clear. With template and display features provided in most visual staff schedulers, you can see at a glance who is supposed to be where or who does what.

This allows you to make changes quickly and easily if you need to. You can anticipate costs associated with staffing and materials by using reports generated from the system to anticipate increased business or service needs. You can even save copies of important documents related to each employee file directly in the system.

Even small businesses are finding visual staff schedulers a big help--and not only for staffing needs and payroll. With the advent of online-based scheduling software, small businesses can still keep in touch with all their employees without the cost of maintaining servers and paying for software updates. These can be included in the package. The best news is that these services, too, are generally very affordable. The cost is about the same as Internet access and usually comes with a free trial of two or three months. This really leaves you with nothing to lose and a world of time and productivity to gain.

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