Animated Slideshow

Written by Rylee Newton
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An animated slideshow is a way to take your digital photos and turn them into dynamic presentations. With the right slideshow program you can turn you still photos into animated movies for your website, for presentations, and even home movies to send to family and friends. You don't have to be a computer expert or a photography specialist to create a compelling slideshow. You can find user-friendly software that helps you create professional grade shows in very little time.

An animated slideshow can be used on your personal website. If you own a small business, or advertise your services online, a slide show with visual effects like pan and zoom, panoramic views, rotating items, and special graphics helps draw attention to your website. This is an excellent tool if you are in a competitive field like real estate, advertising, or tourism.

Creating an Animated Slideshow for Professional and Personal Applications

You have probably seen an animated slideshow, and didn't even know it. These slideshows are used in commercials, documentary films, television news, and other entertainment based applications. Slideshow software is used to turn digital photos and other still photos into moving images. You can give photos an active feel by zooming in slowly on them, or panning across a beautiful and vast scene.

You don't have to be a professional to use software that helps you create an animated show from you digital photos. Some people use this software to produce promotional websites and even personal websites. A while after my daughter got married, I created a website that allowed members of my family from all over the country to present animated shows to one another. We produced an animated video of our daughter's wedding and posted it on the site. Since then we have presented slideshows from family reunions, anniversary parties, and other family events.

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