Cd Rom Slideshow Software

Written by Rylee Newton
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You can save your slideshow presentations and send them to people online, or you can use CD ROM slideshow software to create a disk for viewing your final products. This is a great way to make sure you don't take up extra space on your computer for large media files. Instead, you can create portable presentation that can be inserted into a personal computer and viewed with a media player.

While many people opt to present their images as a SWF slide show, you can also give your friends and family a disk to store and save your slideshows. CD ROM slideshow software is easy to use, and can be viewed by anyone who has a disk drive and a media player. Rather than sending your friends and family still images from your digital photos, you can create dynamic images that can be stored for a lifetime.

Storing Your Slideshows on CD ROM Slideshow Software

There are a number of excellent features available in CD ROM slideshow software. You can create professional grade presentations in no time at all. You can turn your still photos into a series of movie pictures with a soundtrack and special effects. With the way technology is going these days, you can store and save images to enjoy for years to come. You can even take these CD ROMS and burn images onto your computer for screensavers and other applications.

You can create a virtual library of all the slideshows you create. You can back up these slideshows to send to friends and family any time you feel nostalgic. Rather than storing photographs in boxes throughout your house, you can transfer all of your pictures to a CD ROM format, and save them for future viewing.

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