Create A Slideshow

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you think it's difficult to create a slide show with your digital photos, think again. When you want to make visually compelling movies and special screen savers, you are just a few mouse clicks away. When you find the best slideshow software, you get professional grade results without having to know much about the disciplines of photography and computers.

When you create a slide show you should look for slideshow software that offers all kinds of special features. I found several options in slideshow software that allow you to download sounds, special effects, and titles. You can customize each frame, or you can create a fluid document that tells the story of whatever event you're trying to capture.

When You Want to Create a Slide Show with Impact

When I wanted to create a slide show of my daughter's wedding, I was able to do all kinds of things I never imagined. As I went through all the photos I was able to relive one of the most treasured days of my life. I was able to create a ten-minute version that I sent out to all my friends and family members. I created a special screensaver for my husband from a digital photo of him dancing with his daughter.

Once I made my first slideshow, I started telling everyone in my family about it. My son is a real estate agent, who has been looking for a better way to market the homes he has on the market. He ended up using the software to create a website featuring virtual tours of the homes he had for sale. Since then his business has increased, and his co-workers have followed his lead.

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