Digital Photo Slide Show

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Digital photo slide shows will bring your favorite snapshots to the next level. If you've taken some pictures that you're particularly proud of, why not dress them up a little? Make slide shows of your greatest photos and give them the cinematic edge they deserve!

Even for the novice, it's easy to make digital photo slide shows. Nowadays, the best slide show software comes in very user-friendly formats. User tutorials and help are readily available for you to learn as you go, as well as to help you get out of trouble spots.

What You Can Expect from Digital Photo Slide Shows

Remember the slide shows from your childhood? Remember the grainy film, the washed-out colors, the hum of the projector? Though these might be elements of fond nostalgia, today's slide show software bears little resemblance to this.

With today's digital photo slide shows, you can treat your slide show like a your own Hollywood movie. High-tech, fun effects such as captions, sound, transitions, and other effects transform your slide show from the stodgy setup of yesteryear to an exciting, dynamic experience!

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