Digital Photo Slideshow

Written by Rylee Newton
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When my daughter got married, I wanted to be sure to document the experience in the form of a digital photo slideshow. I had seen a slideshow presentation of my neighbor's trip to Hawaii, and wanted to document my daughter's wedding the same way. One of my biggest concerns was finding software that was not only easy for me to use, but also would be easy for my friends and family to view from their home computers.

When I sent the digital photo slideshow to my mother, I was worried that she wouldn't be able to figure out how to view it on her computer. Nothing could be further from the truth. It was all explained to her when she received my slideshow, with step-by-step instructions for viewing and saving the presentation on her hard drive.

Creating Professional Digital Photo Slideshow Presentations

I wanted to find photo slideshow software that had plenty of options for creating a dynamic finished product. With the right software you can customize your digital photo slideshow with transition effects like fading to black or cutting to the next photo. You can trim your photos, add background colors or images, provide text and sound, and even adjust the contrast and shading of the photo for the highest possible image quality.

You won't believe how professional your finished product looks. Several of my friends actually thought I hired someone to create a slide show of my daughter's wedding. I even talked my son into using this software for his real estate business. He has seen an increase in sales, thanks to his new website that features slideshows of all the homes he has for sale.

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