Family Slide Show Players

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Family slide show players are a time-honored tradition. What better way to get the family together than to gather in the living room and watch a slide show of the special moments you shared? Weddings, birthdays, graduations and vacations could all be captured and relived through the family slide show.

Many of us associate the family slide show with our childhoods and therefore consider it an outdated ritual. However, even though the technology on which all we watched our family slide shows is now antiquated, the concept is not. In fact, you may be surprised by how much family slide show players have evolved.

What's New in Family Slide Show Players

In short, family slide show players have gone digital. The ubiquitous digital camera has given birth to a whole sideline of accompanying technologies. These include digital photo slide show software.

This software is good news for you because it eliminates the time and expense of film processing labs. Now you can do it all yourself! Make your own, cinema-quality slide shows right on your home computer. Best of all, once you have the digital camera and a PC, you can do it all for free.

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