Multimedia Slide Show

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Multimedia slide shows are the new wave of slide show technology. The days of the incandescent slide show projector with its loud, droning fan are over. These machines have become antiques, casualties of the steady march of technology into the digital age.

When you compare the old slide show to today's digital photo slide show, the difference is quite stunning. Take, for instance, the utter absence of film processing. Since the media you're working with is digital, you save time and spend no money by converting your photos into slides on your PC for free.

The Endless Possibilities of Multimedia Slide Shows

The creative possibilities of multimedia slide shows are endless. Special features are available to you that were never possible with traditional slide projectors. For example, special effects such as captions, various background designs, sound effects and music can be added to add spice to your slide shows.

These features are fully customizable, too, so you'll never be forced into making "cookie cutter" slide shows. You can even share your slide shows by compressing and emailing them to as many family and friends as you want. With the new multimedia slide show technology, you can truly express yourself to the fullest!

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