Music Slide Show

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Music slide shows are the new standard in slide show technology. Music can transform your typical two-dimensional slide show experience into a multimedia thrill. When you add music, you bump up your picture slide show to a new level of cool.

People are tired of the same old boring, static slide show format. There are so many other things you can do with pictures besides just blowing them up and displaying them on a wall. That's where music slide shows come in.

Music Slide Show Technology: A New Era of Creative Control

Of course, even with the old slide show technology, you could use music. The trouble was, it had to come from an independent source, like a separate cassette or CD player, which limited your control. Now, with the new music slide shows, musical control is fully integrated into the program.

The difference is, you are now creating your slide shows on your PC, using software specially designed to handle musical effects. For example, you can control volume, length of sound clips, and even special effects with this new musical slide show software. With the possibilities available to you, you can create slide shows that are truly sophisticated musically.

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