Slide Show

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Slide shows are an American institution. No matter what your age, chances are you've experienced the good old-fashioned ritual of gathering the family around the trusty old slide projector. Slides are a time-honored way of reliving family vacations as well as important occasions.

Weddings, graduations, birthday parties--all have been commonly captured forever in the medium of slides. Slides make these images into larger-than-life events. They give our cherished memories a cinematic quality and a sense of importance that we feel they deserve.

The Future of Slide Shows

Now slide technology can link us not only to our past, but to our future as well. For the new technology of slide making software is nothing short of extraordinary. In essence, the ritual of the slide show has gone digital.

In just a fraction of the time it used to take and with virtually none of the expense, you can create your own slide shows from start to finish using quick, foolproof and user-friendly digital technology. Preserve your favorite memories forever. Share them with your friends and family. For even though technology marches on, when it comes to human nature, some things never change.

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