Slide Show Movie Maker

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Slide show movie makers make the creation of your slide shows easy and more fun than ever. These free slide show programs have so many fun features and special effects that you may feel like you're playing with a toy rather than a computer program!

In fact, slide show movie makers may give you the creative renaissance you've been looking for. When it comes to presenting your digital photos in an interesting way, these programs come highly recommended. This software allows you to work on your own home computer to make your slide shows into cinematic wonders.

Enjoy Complete Creative Control with Slide Show Movie Makers

What slide show format of the past allowed you total creative control? The answer is, none. You were always at the mercy of the photo-processing lab to get your slides in the first place. Then, once you had your slides, there was nothing you could control about their display save their order of appearance.

Today's digital slide show movie makers have changed all that. Nowadays, you can add a variety of amazing special effects and flourishes to make your slide shows more exciting and personal than ever. Once finished, you can even compress your slide show and burn it to disk or email it to others!

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