Slide Show Music

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Slide show music used to be a matter of plugging in a boom box or turning on a stereo and hoping everything would sync up decently. Nowadays, those concerns seem quaint. For with today's new slide show software, the music is digitally integrated into your presentation.

The truth is, slide show makers have made a huge leap forward since going digital. These days, tasks can be completed digitally in a fraction of the time it used to take with the old, photo-processed slide technology. Plus, digital programs give you a wide array of creative choices that just didn't exist before.

Options in Slide Show Music

In the past, when you got your slides back from the photo processing lab, that was pretty much it. Your only control was in deciding in which order to load your slides into the carousel. Of course, you also had the option of adding slide show music, which, as outlined in the first paragraph, presented its own technical problems.

Imagine being able to add not only slide show music to your presentation, but sound effects as well. Imagine being able to control the exact length and volume of your musical clips. Sample many pieces of music in one show, or run one piece of music the whole way through. The choice is all yours when you work with the latest slide show programs.

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