Slide Show Presentation

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Slide show presentations can run the gamut from the predictable and mundane to the thrilling and majestic. The difference depends on three factors. These factors are the images themselves, the imagination of the creator, and the technology used.

There's little we can do to help you with the first two factors. However, we can talk about this last point: the technology of slide show makers. The features available to you through today's slide show software can help you make a good presentation into a great one.

The New Face of Slide Show Presentations

Remember the stodgy old Powerpoint presentations? Sure, they offered you a certain choice of templates and designs, but there was very little creative inspiration involved. Today's image-focused slide show presentations are a far cry from the dreary corporate dullness of yesterday.

With the right software, you can quickly download images from your digital camera to make slides. Taking advantage of special features such as captioning, special effects, background designs, even music, you can design slide show presentations that have a life and personality of their own. Create presentations that make your audience cheer instead of snooze!

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