Slide Show Utility

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Slide show utility software makes it easy for you to create stunning slide shows from your digital still photos. If you have a digital camera and a decent PC, you can download the slide show utility from the Internet for a free trial. If you like the software, you can register it. If you don't care for it, you pay nothing.

That's a pretty good deal when you consider all the features that are available in the latest slide show software. This isn't the same slide show that you remember from your childhood. In fact, these technologies really can't be compared.

The Cinematic Effects of the Slide Show Utility

Today's slide show utility functions more like sophisticated video editing software than the old-fashioned slide show. It shares many features of editing programs, including special effects, transitions, and captioning ability. It even offers you the option of customizing each feature to suit your particular tastes.

The result is a more cinematic, multidimensional slide show experience. Words, however, can't adequately describe it. You can clearly see for yourself when you witness the majestic storytelling effects you can achieve with today's digital slide show programs.

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