Slide Show Viewer

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Slide show viewers can be divided into the antiquated and the digital. The antiquated viewers are the ones with which most of us are familiar: the noisy, dusty, nostalgic carousel slide projectors from our childhoods.

Modern slide show viewers are a different breed altogether. First of all, they're digital, which already gives them a world of possibilities over the old slide projector. They offer a myriad of editing options and effects that allow you to transform your digital pictures into art pieces, if you so desire.

What Digital Slide Show Viewers Offer

Would you like to caption your pictures? Slide show software has customizable captioning features that allow you to control not only what you say, but also the font, size, and color in which you say it. Special effects are also available, ranging from the simple background designs to fancy effects.

Digital slide show viewers also offer the option of portability. Say you want to show your finished masterpiece to all your friends or family. Rather than pack everything up in a suitcase as you would a clunky old projector, you can compress your slide show and mail it electronically.

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