Slideshow Creator

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you want to take your photographs and turn them into the latest version of home movies you might want to look into finding a slideshow creator. This is software that allows you to take your pictures and turn them into stories with sound, graphics, and titles. People have used this software for all kinds of different applications, but I use it to bring my family closer together.

I first used a slideshow creator to document my daughter's wedding. I wanted to have a hands-on project that I could present to my friends and family members. I found slideshow software that took me through the process every step of the way. I went into the process barely understanding how to download a screensaver, and came out feeling like a professional editor.

Capture Lasting Memories with a Slideshow Creator

Your slideshow creator allows you to do things like pan across a photograph, giving it the feel of an actual movie. You can add sound and slowly zoom in on a photograph for added emphasis. These special effects can be used to add drama or humor, or just about any emotional emphasis to an image. They say a photo tells a story, but this software makes the story that much more interesting.

When you create a slideshow you create lasting memories. I sent slideshows to people who were unable to attend the wedding, and they told me it was just like being there. My husband and I went on to start a website to celebrate all the important events in the lives of our family members. People all over the country share in the memories with slideshows and digital photos from anniversaries, birthday parties, family vacations, and hopefully soon, pictures of new grand children.

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