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Written by Rylee Newton
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When my daughter got married this summer I bought a digital camera, and slideshow software to document the event. Many of us have heard of digital cameras, but did you know you can take images from these cameras and turn them into movies? I created the Slideshow Software Reviews Page to share my personal experience, advice and other information about this great new technology.

When you use slideshow software you can take you digital images and create active and compelling presentations. You can turn these images into screensavers, or download them onto your web page to make it more visually stimulating. You can also create a virtual photo album that you can send to friends and family all over the world. Unlike regular photo albums, these will have moving images, sound, captions and other special effects.

Slideshow Software: Ready in a Flash

Slideshow software turns your still photos into animated movies. These movies are then viewed using an application such as Flash. If you've never used Flash, it is a media player that is one of the most commonly used applications for viewing movies and animation online.

This software is creating using something called Stillmotion animation. You have probably seen this application in action and didn't even know it. It is commonly used in documentary films and news programs where video images are not available. When you create a digital slideshow, you bring photos to life by zooming in on them, panning across them, rotating them around, and tilting up on them.

It's Easier than Ever to Bring Your Digital Photos to Life

Many people are afraid to embrace advancements in technology because they don't think they will be able to figure out how to use things like slideshow software. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most digital photo software is user-friendly, and involves nothing more than clicking a few buttons. In fact, most programs will help you determine how you want to display your photos, and how to share them with your friend.

You can add things like sound, special effects and titles to you digital presentations. When it comes to sound, you can give each slide it's own sound, or create a soundtrack for the entire show. It's easy to organize your images into a visual presentation. You simply click and drag them to where you want to place them. You can preview your work any time to get an idea of how it flows together.

Creating Professional Grade Presentations

The slideshow software on the market today is the same quality software used by professionals. It often features high-tech movements such as pans, zooms, and tilts with robotic precision. When you invest in this software you not only capture personal images, you can also create professional presentations.

This software is often used to create virtual tours for companies in the real estate and tourism industries. If your company has a website, you can provide your customers with virtual tours using this software. Real estate professionals can take their customers though every room of their homes on the market. Travel agents can provide active, panoramic photos of destinations all over the world.

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