Swf Slideshow

Written by Rylee Newton
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When you create a slideshow you will more than likely want save it as an swf slideshow. Swf is a term to describe a file that is used by Flash to transmit effects like sound, graphics and animation over the Internet. In most cases viewers can download these files without having to install any programs or plug-ins. When it is necessary to download a media player there are many available online for free, or for a low fee.

When you use slideshow software to turn your digital photos into a movie or animated clip, the finished product is saved as an swf slideshow file. Most software companies will provide you with information on how to save your swf slideshow to your website. This is a common practice among content developers who want to introduce animated banner ads to their websites.

Creating a Swf Slideshow in a Flash

The amount of compression of an swf file determines the level of quality of the image or the overall slideshow. Some of the software on the market today gives you the option to choose the level of quality, or compression you want for your files. When you choose the higher level of quality your slideshow comes out with less imperfections, and awkward or stilted movements. The downside to this is slower movie speeds for people with older or lower memory computers.

Before this software and the Internet, people used to watch slideshows on rare occasions, and for business and educational presentations. Now you can send slideshows and movies to people all over the world. The media viewers available online make it easier than ever for friends, family and potential customers to view your presentations.

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