Video Slide Show

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Video slide shows are the newest stage in the evolution of the slide show. What used to be a series of static images fixed in a carousel has now become a multimedia experience involving cinematic effects, sound, and portability. Of course, the digital age has made this all possible.

Indeed, the basic slide show maker has gone digital. What does this mean for you? It boils down to more creative choices, more ways to express yourself, and more fun making slide presentations than you've ever had before!

The New Age of Video Slide Shows

Gone are the days of having to resign yourself to stodgy templates consisting of only text or clip art. Today has ushered in the age of the video slide show, where your own photographs take center stage. With a digital camera, a PC and the right software, you'll be all set to begin creating your own video slide shows.

Take note: the emphasis here is on "video." Sounds, in the form of both sound effects and music, can be added to your slide show presentation and edited to your tastes. Fun video-quality effects, too, such as captions and transitions, can take your photos out of the realm of the 2-D slide show and into the realm of multimedia video.

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