Web Slide Show Software

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Web slide show software has replaced the good old-fashioned slide projector as the medium to display your favorite images. It's even taken over for popular computer software, once synonymous with corporate America. Whether your intention is a business presentation or sharing family vacation photos, web slide show software is the best way to organize your images into a coherent whole.

It makes little sense to even try to compare the old methods to today's slide show software. It's like comparing an abacus to a PC. For web software has taken the slide show out of the purely visual realm and made it into a exciting, highly entertaining, multimedia animal.

What Web Slide Show Software Has to Offer

What web slide show software has to offer is a wide variety of features never before dreamed of for slide show technology. These features help transform your ordinary slide show, with its one-picture-after-another-format, into an experience of cinematic quality.

Examples of this are the simple availability of sound -- and not just primitive sound effects, either. You can now import real spoken speech --yours, for instance -- to narrate your slide show, or add clips of your favorite music. You can add transitions, captions, and special effects to your images. All these features take the traditional slide show out of the 2nd dimension and push it into the 21st century.

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