Public Smtp

Written by Jen Nichol
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A public SMTP server, also called an open relay, means that messages get delivered to a third-party server, and from there get delivered to the intended address. When you are on the road, chances are that you will have trouble accessing your professional email address. This can be corrected by using a public SMTP.

A Public SMTP Ensures Professional Communication When You're Mobile

It's vital in today's business world to know that your professional communication is reaching its destination quickly and securely. Any modern business is based on its ability to process information, and email is an overwhelmingly large part of the current information exchange. It's not acceptable to not have access to this email.

Your public SMTP allows you to access your preferred email from anywhere. You can send using your professional address, rather than that of a common server, like Hotmail or Yahoo. It's important that you retain your professional demeanor, even on the road.

Email is one of the most powerful business tools available. We certainly all know the frustration involved when we can't access our inboxes, or send mail! A quality server will give you all the access you need when you need to be mobile and connected!

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