Smtp Remote

Written by Jen Nichol
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SMTP remote messaging capabilities allow you to stay totally connected on the road, no matter where you are! It used to be that when we tried to utilize our PDAs and off-site computers, we had a difficult time getting connected to our corporate email. We had to use unprofessional alternate accounts, which resulted in having to juggle passwords and email addresses when we were already dealing with the stresses of the road.

Get Speed and Efficiency with SMTP Remote Capabilities!

You can change all that today, with an SMTP mail server. You can get focused now, and use your corporate account even on the road. No more juggling!

An SMTP remote application means that your messages are routed to a third-party server and then sent on to the desired location. Multiple servers mean there is no bottlenecking, and your mail arrives safely and, most importantly, quickly!

You and your business rely on the strength and speed of your data to stay ahead of the game. With SMTP remote capabilities, you can take advantage of today's technology to stay lean and mean! Today's applications are strong and smart...there's no limit to what you can do; let your imagination soar and your business vision fly on the wings of modern technology!

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