Anti-spam For Domino

Written by Josh Dodes
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A few innovative companies have recently come up with a system that provides terrific anti-spam for Domino solutions. They have done so not by working within Domino, but from without it. These new spam filtering solutions are largely platform independent, but they appear to be more useful than most Domino-specific solutions.

These innovative companies eliminate cross-platform discrepancies by routing your incoming email through their own independent servers. There, they can run your email through more than 30 separate filters to eliminate junk email, and then pass the real email directly onto you. This means fewer resources on your end devoted to eliminating spam from inside your own server.

Anti-Spam for Domino Today

The best part of these new anti-spam for Domino solutions is that they require no software installation or maintenance on your part. Simply point your MX DNS record to these filtering experts' servers, and you can begin eliminating junk immediately. With the best in the business on your side, you can let them stay up-to-date on spammers' latest techniques, so you can get back down to business.

Since time and even system resources mean money, smart Domino users can now get a significant advantage. Spam does not have to be a necessary evil anymore. If you put the best in the business to work for you, you may never have to be plagued by spam again.

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