Anti-spam For Exchange

Written by Josh Dodes
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Thanks to a few online innovators, there is now a powerful tool to provide anti-spam for Exchange users. These innovative companies have designed a platform-independent solution that remove junk email before you ever need to deal with it. Exchange users have never had it easier.

The best of these innovative new companies all do something in common. They route all of your incoming mail through their filter-laden servers before passing on the real email to your servers. In this manner, they are able to address spam and viruses efficiently, whether or not they originate in Exchange.

The Best Anti-Spam for Exchange

These new companies devote all of their resources to staying up-to-date on spam and viruses so you don't have to. Not only does this save your employees' time, but it also prevents the necessity of constantly maintaining software on your own server. Put simply, anti-spam for Exchange users has entered a new, more efficient era.

The best email filtering companies know that your time is money. They exist solely to save you both. Because while junk email was once merely a curiosity and an inconvenience, it has clearly evolved into something more closely resembling an epidemic.

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