Anti-spam For Groupwise

Written by Josh Dodes
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Most companies that use Groupwise have been laboring under the notion that they must find specific anti-spam for Groupwise solutions. Thanks to a few innovative companies, however, that is no longer the case. By creating intelligent, platform independent systems, these companies can provide a brand-new level of security for Groupwise users.

To be sure, these companies save the time lost to reading and deleting emails several times a day. But they do more: they save you the time it would take to install, update and maintain specific anti-spam for Groupwise software. That is because the spam filters exist and are maintained on their servers, not yours.

Better Anti-Spam for Groupwise

When you route all of your incoming email through these lightning-fast servers, you are getting the maximum protection at the minimum expense of time and energy. Since they are specifically focused on weeding out junk email, these independent servers can put your email through more than thirty filters and have your real email on its way to you in no time. Plus, these companies put a significant premium on staying on top of the very latest spammer techniques.

When spam was merely an annoyance, dealing with it in-house might have been a reasonable solution. However, now that it has become a major source of lost productivity, spam requires its own line of defenses. Fortunately, the best of these new companies are more than equal to the task.

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