Exchange 2000 Spam

Written by Josh Dodes
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Close on the heels of Microsoft's introduction of Exchange 2000 came the inevitable: Exchange 2000 spam. Fortunately, there is a solution, and it one that comes from outside the proprietary world of Exchange. A handful of innovative companies have designed a platform independent mechanism that is exceedingly good at stopping spam before it even reaches your server.

By routing your incoming email through their own independent, filter-laden servers, these companies are able to run exhaustive, up-to-the-minute tests to separate the junk email from the real thing. Whether the junk originates as Exchange 2000 spam or not, these email filters can catch and remove it for you, so you don't have to waste productive hours dealing with it. Time is money, and who can afford to waste time on spam?

How to Beat Exchange 2000 Spam

These new email filtering services provide a dramatic new first line of defense against time-wasters and worse. No longer will you have install and update new software to try to stop spam, always sure that there's some clever spammer staying ahead of your defenses. The best in the business can do this better, quicker and more securely, because it is what they care about the most.

So get back to what you care about the most--your own business--without worrying about spam. If you know where to turn, you can erect defenses immediately that will pay off indefinitely. Let spammers know you mean business by stopping them dead in their tracks.

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