Exchange 5.5 Spam

Written by Josh Dodes
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While Exchange 5.5's legion of devotees may think otherwise, there is nothing particularly pernicious about Exchange 5.5 spam. These days, the key to eliminating it can be found outside the Microsoft universe altogether. A bold new crop of spam filtering services have found a way to create more effective, fully platform independent defenses you can use.

By allowing most email clients--including those using Exchange 5.5--to route all of their incoming email through their secure servers, these new companies can weed out junk email faster and more efficiently. Spam filtering is their business, and they put a tremendous premium on keeping up with the latest spammer techniques. That means you no longer have to waste time furiously trying to keep up to date.

Goodbye to Exchange 5.5 Spam

When you consider all the wasted hours of productivity in reading, deleting, and defending against spam, the choice becomes clear. An independent defense allows you to keep your resources trained on your business. There is simply no reason to waste billable hours on competing against Exchange 5.5 spam.

And because these new anti-spam defenses use their own servers, you no longer have to use your own limited processing power on the problem. By the time email clears the multi-layered filters of these outsourced companies, you are only processing what you really need. With so much junk invading from so many different angles, why would you do business any other way?

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