Exchange Spam Filter

Written by Josh Dodes
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A great Exchange spam filter can be worth its weight in gold. As Exchange becomes more and more popular, the need to protect your employees from junk email has become more critical. Fortunately, there is a new crop of email filtering companies that can do the job better than ever before.

By using their own servers to test and filter out email, these new companies are both platform independent and more secure. What this means is that they can stop spam whether or not it originated in Exchange, before it can ever reach and propagate in your employees' Exchange folders. With the best of these companies on your side, it can be as if your company is virtually invisible to spammers.

An Exchange Spam Filter Saves Money

These top companies understand that time is money. These companies are doubly effective in that capacity. They save the countless hours of lost productivity in reading and deleting spam, but they also save the time it would take to install, update and maintain state-of-the-art email filters.

There is simply no reason to waste time fighting spam on your own. It is not only an uphill battle, it is also an enormously resource-draining one. With the best in the business providing you a powerful Exchange spam filter, your time can be all yours once again.

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