Lotus Notes Spam

Written by Josh Dodes
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As its millions of users have surely noticed, the prevalence of Lotus Notes spam has increased dramatically in recent years. Despite Lotus Notes' best efforts, spammers seem almost unstoppable. Recently, however, the tide of that battle has turned.

Thanks to a few key online companies, Lotus Notes spam can now largely be a thing of the past. These companies have intuited that by filtering out email on their own platform-independent servers, they can save their clients both time and energy. There's no reason that your employees' time and your IT department's resources need to be spent weeding out junk mail.

Weeding Out Lotus Notes Spam

These new spam filters utilize a constantly updated series of spam filters to stay one step ahead of the game. By routing your email through these companies' servers, you can be sure that the vast majority of spam will never each reach your system in the first place. Think of all the productivity you could regain if you only received meaningful email!

Until recently, spam was largely a matter of inconvenience, But in the world of modern business, the dramatic uptick in spam has evolved into a full-scale epidemic. Fortunately, it has never been easier to identify and weed out than it is today.

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