Mail Antispam

Written by Josh Dodes
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Coming up with a successful e-mail antispam solution can be one of the most important things a modern business does. No longer merely an inconvenience, spam has become a full-fledged workplace epidemic. What is a productive, efficient company to do in the face of this menace?

Fortunately, a few internet companies have a new answer to that question. They have developed an innovative solution that keeps you from having to deal with spam in-house at all. That is because they use their own servers to filter spam out so you don't have to.

A New E-Mail Antispam Solution

The way it works is surprisingly simple. By routing all of your incoming email through these companies' servers, it allows every piece of mail to be subjected to dozens of tests before you even see it. With these companies' dedicated secure servers doing the filtering, your system's resources can be freed up to help you do more important business.

This new solution also saves your employees' the endless work of installing, customizing, and updating e-mail antispam software. That means your staff can look and work towards the future. Long gone are the days when they must spend half their productive time guarding the rear flank.

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