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Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The heavy load of spam--approximately 75 percent of all email traffic by mid-2004--and the ongoing threat of computer viruses and network attack is common enough knowledge to everyone. The federal CAN SPAM Act of 2003, enacted in the name of interstate commerce, is acknowledgment enough that the problem is serious. Legislation, of course, is a deterrent rather than a solution, though the first two convictions--a nine-year sentence and a $7,500 fine--strengthen the deterrence factor. Technology comes into play for the solution.

Anyone with a wireless network and broadband Internet connection has both a hardware and software firewall, and can, if they're zealous, configure encryption as well. This isn't enough to ensure security from hackers, crackers, viruses, and spam. It's a good start, but that's all. An anti-virus software program is critical, as are automatic virus definition updates. Spam is a separate issue, of course, that blacklisting and key phrase filtering help to a certain degree.

That may sound complex, but it isn't on an individual basis. For a business, it is. On the one hand is the cost--$23 billion nationwide in 2003--in lost productivity, compromised networks, and damaged system resources. On the other is corporate liability for a potentially hostile work environment. Finally, there are the IT expertise and dedicated hardware and software resources needed to effectively address the problem on an organizational level.

The Multi-tiered Postini Solution

Founded in 1999, Postini is one of the leading dedicated email security providers in the United States. With a client base of some 4,000 companies that include Merrill Lynch, Hormel Foods, Circuit City, and Rand McNally, Postini processes nearly two billion emails every week, weeding out the wheat from the chaff. Its managed perimeter email protection comes in two editions, standard and enterprise. Included are the firm's exclusive preEMPT technology, content management, integrated disaster recovery, and heuristics analysis.

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