Postini Business Spam Filters

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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A good case in point for third-party managed services for email security on a company level is Circuit City. The Fortune 500 company--founded in 1949 in Richmond, Virginia--operates more than 600 stores across the United States, primarily along the East Coast. The company sells more than 6,000 consumer electronic products. Corporate staff number about 3,000.

Email traffic per individual account was running about 300 messages per day, 50 of which were legitimate and 250 of which were spam. The officer in charge of company communications first tried an in-house security system that didn't resolve the problem. Reluctant at first to expose the company infrastructure to a third party, she decided to accept a 30-day trial from Postini, one of the country's leading email security firms.

Spam attacks dwindled to virtually nothing almost immediately. Extensive heuristic reporting revealed numerous DHA, or directory harvest attacks, as well, all of which were turned away at the door. These attacks are a threat not only because of spammers getting their hands on corporate email lists, but as well because of the tremendous load that subsequent spam traffic puts on IT resources.

Circuit City, One of 4,000

Postini, founded in 1999, is a dedicated Internet security company. It offers several business email solutions. All use its exclusive pre-EMPT technology to filter email traffic for both unsolicited mail and attached viruses, perimeter security management, and up-to-the minute virus definition updates. Reporting includes quarantines and transport and content heuristics. Postini's client list, of which 99 percent renews its contracts each year, includes Accredited Home Lenders, Hormel Foods, Orbitz, Rand McNally, Rayovac, and Merrill Lynch.

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