Postini Corporate Spam Blockers

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Preventing spam--unsolicited email--from ever being sent is virtually impossible. We are left with finding ways to prevent it from infiltrating a network infrastructure. Spam emails, to use an analogy from medieval Europe, are the arrows tipped with burning tar and shot over castle walls. They must be put out as or before they can land and catch fire to buildings. This is why and how email security companies such as Postini got into business--expressly to counter this ongoing threat.

The problem of unsolicited email has reached crisis proportions in 2004. What we're facing is that one of every two SMTP (standard mail transfer protocol) connections is wasted, that one in every 13 email messages contains a virus, and that 10 out of every 13 emails is spam. Spam, as defined for these statistics, is one of three types.

Get rich quick schemes, ostensible special product offers, and sexually explicit messages are almost without exception unsolicited. Bulk mail, however, is not necessarily spam. Much--subscriber publications are a classic example--is perfectly legitimate. It's easy to forget, in completing online forms, to opt out of receiving special offers and having one's email made available to other companies.

Counterattacking the Spam Problem

Postini offers a tiered approach to resolving spam issues at the corporate level. The base line solution includes filters to prevent spam from entering the network and well as virus blocks. It incorporates inbound traffic management for both email content and email attachments. Detailed reporting provides companies with complete descriptions of this traffic. The high end solution includes, on top of this, management for all outbound traffic and a more extensive set of reports.

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