Postini Junk Email Filters

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Two of the top email security companies in the country are Postini (founded 1999) and Verisign (founded 1995). Verisign is a name most of us recognize as the company (now one of a few) that issued (and issues) certificates of authenticity for e-commerce websites. Postini specializes in email security. A client list that includes Rand McNally and Merrill Lynch and Circuit City is bound to catch your eye, right?

It should if you're looking for an answer to junk email, denial of service, directory harvesting, and pernicious virus threats. Referrals are how most of us find specialists, whether they're doctors, dentists, financial and tax advisors, or some other professional. Once you get past the initial introduction, though, you probably want to check the facts for yourself.

How Postini Handles Junk Email

For its nearly 4,000 customers worldwide, Postini processes about 2.5 billion message transmissions each week. At last count, nearly 75 percent of these were unsolicited bulk mail. About one in every dozen carried a virus of one sort or another. Using its exclusive preEMPT technology, Postini works wonders--according to client reports--for its customers. One of these is a broadcast media company that operates more than 17 radio stations and three television channels in the Southeast.

It was seeing 45-minute delays in its email traffic. The volume of spam was increasing about 10 percent per day, maxing out at about 220,000 messages in a 24-hour period. Outgoing traffic was generating as many as 35,000 nondelivery reports, all due to directory harvesting attacks. Wanting to move this drain on network resources and IT time outside the corporate firewall, Jefferson-Pilot turned to Postini, and saw the 220,000 drop almost immediately to 13,000.

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