Postini Secure Email Solutions

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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On the 7th of January in 2003, Congress passed its first antispam legislation in the name of interstate commerce--not that legislation could put a dent into a problem that was clearly going to get worse before it got better. But acknowledging a problem, they say (accurately), is the first step to resolving it.

The CAN-SPAM Act, as it is known, addresses the "assault of non-solicited pornography and marketing." My brief pause in reading the language was to wonder why the federal government insists on inserting a hyphen in defiance of the dictionary, but never mind that, its effort with the bill was necessary. The law, though, is less than half of the equation.

Law and Technology = Postini Secure Email

The remainder of the secure email solution picture is a combination of technology and judgment. The judgment comes in scoping out security needs--firewall configuration, virus and spam filtering, and authentication. Holland and Knight, one of the world's largest law firms, with more than 1,200 attorneys and offices in 11 states and six countries, has never been reluctant with technology. It preferred, given the nature of its business, to keep its Internet security system "in house" and battled the problem for two years on its own.

Eventually, however, it began to look elsewhere for a more comprehensive solution to protect its lawyers, clients, and staff. During the search for a managed service, which it had initially discounted, it noticed that Postini held the largest market share among the nation's top 100 law firms, some 21 percent. Holland and Knight's CIO spoke with his counterparts in several of those firms and learned why Postini held the market share it did. A 200-user trial program sealed the decision.

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